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Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Canadian Laws on Transport of Dangerous Goods

Handling of dangerous goods and hazardous materials is governed by law in the city of Nanaimo, under provincial legislation in British Columbia. Particularly, transporting dangerous goods is covered by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, drafted in the year 1992. The act regulates the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada, promoting public and occupational safety. A person cannot import, offer to transport, or handle dangerous goods unless he or she complies with the safety and security requirements, has means for containment and transfer, and has documentation for the dangerous goods – all under the regulations of the act.

One of the most important aspects of transporting dangerous goods is labeling. A “dangerous goods mark” is an symbol, device, sign, label, placard, letter, word, number. abbreviation, or a combination of these things used to identify dangerous goods. The label has to be displayed conspiciously, often requiring the worker who handles the goods to have a data sheet detailing the information on the dangerous goods being transported.

TDG Training at Nanaimo First Aid

Transport of Dangerous Goods is offered as a training program at Nanaimo First Aid. Students are encouraged to enroll in the program, available in a classroom set-up or on-line. The latter is targeted towards students who do not have time to sit in for a four-hour classroom session. These students usually have classes all day or have work and personal responsibilities.

The TDG classroom program runs for four hours and costs 49.99 dollars. The TDG online program runs for three hours and costs 29.99 dollars. In both programs, there are 9 units or modules to complete. In the online class, a student can only progress to the succeeding modules if they pass the short test at the end of the previous module. If you are planning on signing up as a large group, you can contact us for a discount. We offer lower rates for large groups of trainees – and sometimes even an opportunity to hold training at a location they choose.

Credentials for Transport of Dangerous Goods Training

Training certificates for the Transport of Dangerous Goods do not expire. You don’t have to sign up for a TDG refresher class to keep your credential valid. However, if you feel like you need an update, you can sign up for another TDG program. The most convenient is an online class if you just need an update but you can sign up for the classroom program as well.

Various Ways of Enrollment for Transport of Dangerous Goods

Enrolling in the TDG program is as easy as visiting us during our business hours. There will always be staff present to attend to you, so drop by when you want to sign up for our classes. If you are busy during the day, we have made another option available – online sign up. You can use the form below to start your enrollment; don’t forget to click submit! We receive all requests as soon as you submit them but will only be able to process them during the next business day.