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Pet First Aid and CPR

In most countries all over the world, pets can be found in almost every household. The pet can be a house pet or have a specific purpose, such as guarding. You can even see them in malls or public places, patrolling the area with their human partner. In certain cases, they are guides (specifically guide dogs), who help the disabled perform daily tasks. With the different functions pets perform in today’s society,  they are still important members of the family who have to be taken care of. Sign up for Pet First Aid and CPR Courses Now!

Pets, with their boundless energy, are prone to getting injuries. Unlike humans who are able to articulate if they hurt or feeling unwell, pets can often just show low energy when they are hurt or sick. By signing up for a Pet First Aid and CPR class, you will learn how to recognize if your pet has an injury and how to manage it.

Pet First Aid and CPR at Nanaimo First Aid

Nanaimo First Aid offers quality pet first aid and CPR training every month at various dates and schedules. You can check out our schedules below if you want to sign up for the program.

Pet First Aid and CPR is a four-hour in-class program, teaching students how to manage a variety of pet emergencies – from simple cuts and bruises to cardiac arrest. In order to prepare our students for the actual emergency, we train them using pet mannequins that are very life-like. One of the most important concepts we teach our students is how to recognize if your pet is in distress. By doing this, management of his or her condition would be much faster and streamlined.

Giving CPR to Pets

When a pet suddenly collapses and is not responding to name calling or shaking, he or she may be experience cardiac arrest. Heart attacks in dogs are not uncommon, and they follow (more or less) the same pathophysiologic pathway as heart attacks in humans. During a heart attack, the blood flow to the heart is suddenly cut off. It can be caused by an obstruction or a sudden vasospasm of the arteries supplying the heart with blood. To manage this, chest compressions and ventilations must be given to the pet to restore spontaneous circulation of blood.

Proof of Training

After you complete the pet first aid and CPR class, you have to pass a written and practical exam to get certified. Certificates from Nanaimo First Aid training do not expire, but the student can choose to take refresher programs for updates every couple of years. Your training credential will be accepted all over the city, for whatever purpose you need it for.

Cost of Pet First Aid and CPR

The Pet First Aid and CPR class costs 79.99 dollars plus tax. The cost includes all the expenses for training – the credential, certification fees, and the manuals used during training. The pet first aid and CPR manual is yours to keep, so don’t forget it after the training program has been completed.