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Food Safe

Food Safe training is quite popular among students who work or are studying food service and handling. Victoria First Aid is one of the main providers in Canada offering food safety training. There are two kinds of food safety courses available, one for front line workers who handle food handling directly and the other for administrative staff of food service businesses. In Canada, a business that handles food cannot operate with having a trained food service worker present at all times in the establishment.

The important of Food Safe in Canada

Each year, an estimated four million Canadians are affected by domestically-acquired foodborne illness. Foodborne illnesses or FBIs are diseases caused by the ingestion of food contaminated by pathogenic bacteria. Foodborne illness isn’t a specific disease, but rather a category for diseases caused by consuming contaminated food. To prevent the spread of foodborne illness, Canadian health laws have been enacted to protect the consumers of food products – primarily by requiring food service workers to get trained in proper food handling techniques.

The public health act on Food Premises Regulation specifically requires food establishments in British Columbia to have members of its staff trained in food safety (called FOODSAFE training). High risk and medium risk facilities cannot operate if the trained staff member is not present in the facility. Similarly, they cannot be granted health permits or permits to operate if no staff member has been trained in food safe.

Signing up for a Food Safe class

Enrollment at a program with Victoria First Aid is as easy as completing the online application form below. No need to download or fax anything; the form can be filled out and sent to us as soon as you complete all the necessary details. While we receive your requests as soon as you click submit, we only process them during business hours – from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can expect a call from us during those times.

Food Safe Training with Victoria First Aid

There are two levels of food safe training at Victoria First Aid. The first level is targeted towards food service workers who directly handle food products (front line workers). It runs for eight hours, covering concepts on food handling, from the preparing of raw products to storage/service.

The second level targets administrative staff or workers who have managerial capacity in the food establishment. We usually get managers during enrollment period for our Food Safe Level 2 training courses. This advanced program runs for 12 hours, longer than the first Food Safe level of training.

All Food Safe certificates expire after five years.

Signing up for a Food Safe class can be done through the application form below. The form is available 24/7 and can be filled out anytime you are free. We receive all requests as soon as they as submitted, but we only process them during the next business day. If you enroll today, expect a confirmatory call or e-mail from us tomorrow (or on Monday if you signed up on a Friday).