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Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support and CPR training is one of the most popular programs offered at Nanaimo First Aid. It is offered to both the general public and health care providers (HCPs), the former taking CPR Level A and the latter taking CPR Level C. Because health care providers who work in organized medical environments are often required to get CPR training, CPR Level C is far more popular than the course for laypersons.

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers is a certification program at Nanaimo First Aid, granting students who pass the BLS examination a training certification or credential. Credentials we offer students have a validity period in accordance with the requirements of Canadian law, so you would need to attend refresher courses every few years.

Sign up for BLS classes

Signing up for training is pretty easy. You can visit us during operating hours from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, or send us your details via e-mail. We also allow prospective trainees to sign up over telephone call, during operating hours as well, but the most popular method is the online application form below. No downloading necessary; just complete the form and click submit. You will hear back from us during the next business day.

Heart Disease in Canada

Despite the great health care available to Canadian citizens, risk factors for cardiac disease are still prevalent in the 12 years old and higher and 18 years old and higher populations. The most prevalent is obesity and being overweight, which affects almost 5o percent of the popular older than 11 years old. A high BMI implies that a person’s diet is high in fat – which can deposit in the vessels all over the body.

According to Statistics Canada, a person dies from heart disease or stroke every 7 minutes. Back in 2008, cardiovascular diseases were responsible for 29 percent of total deaths in the country. In males, CVDs accounted for 28 percent of deaths while it accounted for 29 percent of deaths in females.

Basic Life Support Classes at Nanaimo First Aid

CPR Level C or Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers is a basic program that teaches students how to manage cardiac arrest out of an organized medical environment, such as a hospital or a clinic. We prepare our students to give basic CPR without any equipment or medication to assist in management. The focus of basic CPR training is a concept called the Chain of Survival – the steps or guidelines used when managing cardiac emergencies.

The Chain of Survival

  1. Recognizing cardiac arrest
  2. Starting cycles of 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths
  3. Automated defibrillation (usually by EMTs)
  4. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  5. Post-cardiac arrest care

In the absence of medication and equipment, the most a rescuer can do in the public is give compressions and ventilations. Defibrillation can be done if an automated defibrillator is available in the area. Usually, only EMTs are able to defibrillate the victim.

Basic Life Support credentials, both level A and C, have a period of validity of 36 months. You can renew it by taking the BLS refresher program.