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Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Learning advanced CPR is a must for health care workers, especially if they work in medical settings such as hospitals. We get a lot of nurses and similar professions enrolling for our Advanced Cardiac Life Support program at Nanaimo First Aid, because of the certification we offer students who are able to complete training. If you need advanced CPR training and certification, you can sign up for either Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training programs. Nanaimo First Aid is one of the best providers in the city, you won’t be making a mistake signing up for our programs.

Ease of Application to Nanaimo First Aid’s ACLS

We at Nanaimo First Aid want to make enrollment as easy as possible for our prospective students so we have an application form available below. The form is not downloadable; you just need to fill it up with your personal details and the details of the ACLS schedule you want to enroll in. As soon as you click submit, we will receive your request and be able to process it during the next business day.

Advanced CPR Training: Adult Victims

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support program we offer trainees is a two-day program, with 12 total class hours. It is a program focused on the advanced management of cardiorespiratory emergencies in adults. The program’s curriculum introduces concepts of pharmacology and manual defibrillation, among other advanced concepts in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

One of the major concepts we train our students is the resuscitation team or code team. The word code is medical lingo that is called out when a patient goes into cardiac arrest. The code team is composed of four to five members (or more), with the following responsibilities:

  • Leading the code
  • Giving chest compressions
  • Giving ventilations via the bag valve mask
  • Timing the code, pulse check, and administering epinephrine

The last responsibility can be delegated to two members of the code team while chest compressions are typically performed by at least two people – this rounds up the number of team members to six.

ACLS Credentials

An Advanced Cardiac Life Support credential from Nanaimo First Aid will be accepted all over the city and the country for whatever requirement you need it for. Because certificates expire after three years, the student has to take an ACLS refresher program to be awarded a new one. Refresher programs are update classes, shorter than the original training class. ACLS refreshers are only 5 to 6 hours long.

Health in the Canadian Population

In Canada’s population, one of the most prevalent risk factors for cardiac disease is high body mass index or BMI. When your BMI is too high, you are either overweight or obese – implying a diet high in fat. A diet high in fat greatly predisposes you to developing Coronary Artery Disease, a condition where the arteries that supply the heart muscle with oxygen become blocked with plaque¬†deposits (made up of fat and immune cells).

Sign up for ACLS training at Nanaimo First Aid today!